Why Samsung is about to take over.

28-Sen, 2020
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The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is the first sign of Samsung starting to win. Here's what I think is happening.
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  • Any Samsung fans in the house? ✌️ To find out about the war between Samsung and Google: uzworld.info/player/video/aYazobiHqpjHlmc Or to learn about 6G: uzworld.info/player/video/eq_IedKsoaiXfZ4

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss27 kun oldin
    • Casually watches on galaxy tab a tablet

      Melissa SweemMelissa Sweem7 kun oldin
    • @Tech Briefs what happened to tizen 😀

      anil kumaranil kumar7 kun oldin
    • technology is changing so fast

      *C4MI-BS* 1*C4MI-BS* 17 kun oldin
    • i have an Samsung i never liked Apple

      *C4MI-BS* 1*C4MI-BS* 17 kun oldin
    • Samsung is best and your channel is best tech channel

      Salman ALISalman ALI8 kun oldin
  • huawei be vibing till trump bans em

    ItsGhostyItsGhosty3 soat oldin
  • Samsung is toy phones.. looser phones..

    Mikael ZinaiMikael Zinai3 soat oldin
  • Why is peopling still making fun of Apple finally releasing a 5G phone? 5G is not even a thing right now, look at the maps, and look at the tests 5G is not even really all that great yet. 5G uwb is only in a few cities for Verizon, ATT same thing, and t mobile same thing?

    Ethan CorsbieEthan Corsbie4 soat oldin
  • Now idek if I should get an iphone anymore

    Joflash 2Joflash 26 soat oldin
  • Apple is going to take over any minute now

    Empire of Fatal, Serious and Critical ErrorsEmpire of Fatal, Serious and Critical Errors6 soat oldin
  • Apple is actually about to take over with the iPhone 12 and iOS 14

    Empire of Fatal, Serious and Critical ErrorsEmpire of Fatal, Serious and Critical Errors6 soat oldin
  • Samsung Chairman Lee Kun Hee just passed away today R.I.P😞

    W.Ƨ._eazy 7W.Ƨ._eazy 79 soat oldin
  • In your opinion, where does OnePlus fit in this scenario..

    Øfficial DâwggØfficial Dâwgg9 soat oldin
  • Samsung: *pays thousands for artists for promotion* Artists: *uses iphone*

    green lanterngreen lantern10 soat oldin
  • The H in Huawei is silent

    WispGBWispGB11 soat oldin
  • I would buy Huawei if the app icons were better

    Gregory DimGregory Dim11 soat oldin
  • Samsung has been making products for all budget range and the display and the Samsung support its camera is so good everyone making phones and rebranding them not taking time to make it a good product and release it with flaws where Samsung is doing a great job

    Prashant MallickPrashant Mallick14 soat oldin
  • For real👊👊 "you only buy Iphone for its brand name

    Dilawan BasuraDilawan Basura14 soat oldin
  • Samsung's already won

    Dilawan BasuraDilawan Basura14 soat oldin
  • Apple just feels better. I’ve always seen them as THE mobile device.

    TessellationGamingTessellationGaming14 soat oldin
  • Apple is loosing on the mobile phones business without the conflict with China. It feels like their R&D isin't focused anymore on phones, which I think, they think it's saturated. In my opinion, apple is working on something groundbreaking, revolutionary that they will launch in the right moment. Mobile phones are not the future

    Khaled HmKhaled Hm16 soat oldin
  • Bro your videos are verrry ammazing

    NafisNafis16 soat oldin
  • Wow your so smart

  • IPhone 12 Giveaway!

    Clarence AnobaClarence Anoba19 soat oldin
  • The problem of Samsung is that depends on a US company and if they want, they can stop Samsung in order to make Apple become the king.

    L RCL RC21 soat oldin
  • remember when the note 7s blew up....nice one samsung😐

    Coolecr210Coolecr21022 soat oldin
  • welp everyone here bragging aout samsung and apple and im just going with one of the best phones if not the best for €600.

    djenvinodjenvino23 soat oldin
  • Doesn’t matter who’s bigger Apple builds a better device

    Jayvon McclendonJayvon Mcclendon23 soat oldin
  • Tiktok is still here lol...

    Amy NguyenAmy Nguyen23 soat oldin
  • Its sad because huawei can be really good

    Enrique GuillenEnrique GuillenKun oldin
  • Iphone 12 batery sucks.... Box is empty.. Just the phone... Looks like we are buying a used phone without accessories....

    All in One / ඔක්කොම එක තැනකAll in One / ඔක්කොම එක තැනකKun oldin
  • I was happy when the huawei p20 came out wich i stil use i was tired of samsung and for me huawei was the alternative for iphone. But with the ban and everything they stole peoples chance for an alternative for samsung. Now i am considering the iphone 12 because its a vey nice looking phone. I dont wanna buy a samsung they are, feel all the same huawei without android is no option😭

    SmartwatcherS SSmartwatcherS SKun oldin
  • The Huawei Mate 40 Pro is the best phone on the market.

    NikkimondNikkimondKun oldin
  • I have a huawei ipad im watching this ON A HUAWEI IPAD

    zaib khan2zaib khan2Kun oldin
  • ios fan boys- hes just talking shit apples best! 20 years later apple loose to China and ios fanboys panic WE CWNT USE SAMSUNG THOSE PHONES ARE SH!T EVEN THO THERE THE ONES WHO ARE WINNING APPLES STILL BETTER

    Trevon STrevon SKun oldin
  • Everytime i watch a video of your channel about phone i get the ads of another mobile.

    MRFMRFKun oldin
  • Ok Samsung used to launch some features way back earlier than Apple , but when Apple gives a feature we know it will work like a charm and perfect

    Get1x8BallGet1x8BallKun oldin
  • Has has never lost.... tf? Its been wining since the beginning of time...

    Yasmany GarciaYasmany GarciaKun oldin
  • your chineses map is wrong . taiwin . is not part of china

    88Possible188Possible1Kun oldin
  • I love Samsung........except clothes dryers......My dryer only lasted 6 years.

    Daisy MDaisy MKun oldin
  • Me with 2GB Ram A10: Thats Epicc

    GoldModdyGoldModdyKun oldin
  • The 4% battery life on your MacBook Pro gave me anxiety.

    Dayron LeonDayron LeonKun oldin
  • When nations can no longer peacefully trade with each other, they usually turn to war. What's happening is incredibly stark on a geopolitical scale.

    Brian PBrian PKun oldin
  • This video just made me so happy lmao

    Icey fallIcey fallKun oldin
  • Lol you completely forgot about Chinese influence in Africa. Huawei is not going anywhere. In addition South Korea represents everything the CCP is against so there is no way China will be running to Samsung.

    Jean HubschJean HubschKun oldin
  • samsung win with trump's help not good competition

    james chanjames chanKun oldin
  • Samsung : makes processors , camera modules, displays,Batteries, Nextgen Telecom equipments and the list goes on.. Apple : WE DESIGN OUR PHONES.

    Manik KaloreManik KaloreKun oldin
  • This sounds convincing but even Blackpink , official endorser of Samsung, like Apple products more 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Odette GadotOdette GadotKun oldin
  • their camera still sucks

    Carlo SantosCarlo SantosKun oldin
  • The three stars have aligned. get it? GET IT?

    Binging With babish is amazing and I'm not creativeBinging With babish is amazing and I'm not creativeKun oldin
  • Team samsung 📱

    Tony CooperTony CooperKun oldin
  • Hey guys take a sec to look under something and read what it says “Made in *****”

    XanzXanzKun oldin
  • you forget one thing look at quality. if you look at quality samsung is quality. they have the best quality and reliablity.

    The Keto ChiefThe Keto ChiefKun oldin
  • Samsung and Apple are basically the same thing.

    Elaine YvetteElaine YvetteKun oldin
  • Lg:

    JW KJW K2 kun oldin
  • Tweeted using Android Tweeted using iphone Me: SAMSUNG SMART FRIDGE

    TortoiseTGNTortoiseTGN2 kun oldin
  • crap quality, and after they burned people alive with their phones, common, it is nokia story

    Maxim IvashkovMaxim Ivashkov2 kun oldin
  • No ty Samsungs Exynos is trash can't even run my games properly like genshin impact KEKW

    sleeping Sheepsleeping Sheep2 kun oldin
  • I always thought Samsung was the best, didnt know there were others.

    BreadBread2 kun oldin
  • People who disliked this have a closed-minded view that android is for poor people

    LonimoxLonimox2 kun oldin
    • Which is not true. Android is more premium.

      TypicalTypical2 kun oldin
  • and that's why i choose Samsung over Apple and Huawei Apple has its own world... Huawei has its own world... Samsung is in the middle get best of both worlds...

    Leong Li YangLeong Li Yang2 kun oldin
  • Good luck getting non tech people off of apple os.

    bob simple tankbob simple tank2 kun oldin
  • After this video they launched mate 40 pro 😉💁‍♂️

    Mohamed AliMohamed Ali2 kun oldin
  • Trump 2020 !!!

    Gianpa KasaGianpa Kasa2 kun oldin
  • Where I live iphone are double the price of samsung which is good bc I prefer samsung😂

    BearBear2 kun oldin
  • *My classmates:* *iphones are better* *me:* *shows them this* *them:* *WE LOST* *me:* *YAS! ANDROIDS RULE!*

    •Bellas Game world••Bellas Game world•2 kun oldin
    • @Barış Doğukan Karakoyun it did :/

      •Bellas Game world••Bellas Game world•Kun oldin
    • That didn’t happen.

      Barış Doğukan KarakoyunBarış Doğukan KarakoyunKun oldin
  • The US is quite powerful, can restrict Huawei acquire Kirin chip , and all those OS and softwares use by huawei

    Tluanga SailoTluanga Sailo2 kun oldin
  • Ugh. I hate Samsung phones. And, I'm not an Apple fan.

    Dan HoonDan Hoon2 kun oldin
    • I got huawi

      TortoiseTGNTortoiseTGN2 kun oldin
    • Huawei?

      TortoiseTGNTortoiseTGN2 kun oldin
  • I feel bad for Chinese companies just because they were created in a communist country

    Antony TomeAntony Tome2 kun oldin
  • Huawei collab with Samsung to upgrade Exynos would be dope

    Wan Najmi AnwarWan Najmi Anwar2 kun oldin
  • Me that has samsung: ✨💲💲✨✨🎉⭐⭐(xD)

    Jasiu SebastiankaJasiu Sebastianka2 kun oldin
  • Please give me a iPhone

    yousaf hussainyousaf hussain2 kun oldin
    • iSheeps crying for iPhone but their phone is always gonna be shit 😂

      TypicalTypical2 kun oldin
    • Me too! I regret switching from my IPhone 6s to a Samsung s10. 😭😭

      Blood NoteBlood Note2 kun oldin
  • A lot of the world USED to follow the lead of the US. This has been changing for a while now.

    Douglas LinDouglas Lin2 kun oldin
  • maybe in hardware but their software is shite

    David BarnesDavid Barnes2 kun oldin
    • Ikr!!

      Blood NoteBlood Note2 kun oldin

    LukSanZ :DLukSanZ :D2 kun oldin
  • Apple users: 😶😶😶

    Antonio MolinaAntonio Molina2 kun oldin
  • Samsung stinky lol

    SafeAsteroid880 0SafeAsteroid880 02 kun oldin
  • Quite an interesting analysis ;-) Samsung's business strategy is either absolutely brilliant or damn lucky (or perhaps both). That said, the US presidential election is happening now, and that will affect US-Chinese relations. AND... Samsung has a major handicap: Google and Samsung are at war (see what I did there? You're welcome).

    sandy csandy c2 kun oldin
  • Samsung has already taken over mate😂😂

    Calvin MartinsonCalvin Martinson2 kun oldin
  • Samsung epic car? Gamers? Huh?

    Yui HimwariYui Himwari3 kun oldin
  • Have a samsung Tablet Tab (don't know which model) , Samsung Smart TV 64", and a Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime 2017 (which am using).

    hottrinhottrin3 kun oldin
  • Have a samsung Tablet Tab (don't know which mode, Samsung Smart TV 64", and a Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime 2017.

    hottrinhottrin3 kun oldin
  • Nah

    BrickscapeBrickscape3 kun oldin
  • And all the Chinese government has to do is not collect information from global customers. Could never trust them though... because, "Communism".

    K townK town3 kun oldin
  • Huawei we'll be #1for me no matter what.

    Carlos ColonCarlos Colon3 kun oldin
  • Knew that all along

    jjmf1222 15jjmf1222 153 kun oldin
  • dislikes are the apple users who hate anything that isnt apple [lol im an apple user, might switch cause i dont know how to look after a phone, i just accept faxs]

    Emmy REmmy R3 kun oldin
  • Huawei is the only phone that people who live in china can use

    HiHi3 kun oldin
  • I have been a Samsung user for my life but I'm switching to apple because im at my third phone who overheated so much I fried an egg on it. the previous 2 phones caught on fire. No thanks.

    MikeKMikeK3 kun oldin
  • Samsung is so diversified. They have everything. Except good taste.

    Bruce WangBruce Wang3 kun oldin
  • I like how when he talks about surfshark , he displays the more expensive price one the iPhone while displaying the 2 $ price on the Samsung phone . I'm guessing that's an Easter egg .

    Tiara SkauTiara Skau3 kun oldin
  • I was so happy when he said surfshark was like 2 dollars a month then I went on the site and you have to pay for the entire years worth now and if you divide it its 2 dollars a month like bruh i can't afford to spend 50 bucks immediately that's why I needed the month by month ugh too bad

    Nahli NezoNahli Nezo3 kun oldin
  • As long as it's Samsung, don't want it

    PelludePellude3 kun oldin
  • at 8:24, your macbook is pretty damn low. 4%?

    ahzerlumliahzerlumli3 kun oldin
  • Funny how you made this video, and I that I had an Huawei for 3 years wanted to change next to Samsung when I'll buy a new phone

    Diana kDiana k3 kun oldin
  • an old friend works for Samsung in Seoul

    ahomnkyahomnky3 kun oldin
  • Samsung watching this be like: •••😶

    Grace SlackGrace Slack3 kun oldin
  • Samsung is the best

    ItsDragonkingItsDragonking3 kun oldin
  • only rich kids gets scammed by samsung. others rather not use phone then buy exynos shit

    MR: XI-IHANMR: XI-IHAN3 kun oldin
  • Samsung is winning , erm because huawei has been drowned by the goverment .

    M patenzaM patenza3 kun oldin
  • iPhone is better

    Mr sandmanMr sandman3 kun oldin
  • China, backs the NK taking the SK back ... Samsung become Huawei ... Made in Korea ...

    John ConnorJohn Connor3 kun oldin
    • @kfx 2000 You did not get that?

      John ConnorJohn Connor5 soat oldin
    • What?

      kfx 2000kfx 20008 soat oldin
  • I am going to switch my Samsung Google spy phone for a Huawei phone. I don't care if the Chinese spy on me, what can they do to me? It's worse with my own people spying on me. Those fascists can actually hurt me.

    John ConnorJohn Connor3 kun oldin
  • Will samsung ever make an operating system

    Dollify GirlDollify Girl3 kun oldin
    • They tried and failed

      FlyingLineFlyingLine3 kun oldin